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Tags4-koma, clubs, comedy, manga, school life, seinen, shoujo ai, School, Slice of Life
Description* Based on the 4-koma manga by Mikami Komata.

It is the first day of high school for the level-headed Yui. Wearing her new school uniform for the first time, she does not look forward to the anticipated teasing by her best friends: the mischievous energetic Yuzuko and the sleepy-head Yukari.

About to attend the enrolment ceremony at school, the first-year high school students are delighted to discover that they made it into the same class. But as freshmen they are expected to take part in club activities, but what club should they choose? They note that the Data Processing Club has zero members, situated in a small cosy room with two workstations. Their teacher and also the DPC's club advisor is Matsumoto Yoriko, who the girls lovingly call Mom, even though she is not even 30 years old yet.

The girls decide to join the Data Processing Club, giving them many strange topics to look up and talk about. No wordplay can be too strange not to be enjoyed by this close group of friends.
Date|Next2013-04-10 till 2013-06-26    「Spring 2013/* Finished airing */
Episodes1225min 「Σ: 0d 05:00h」
Type|CensorTV Series/* not applicable */
Studio|AuthorKinema CitrusMikami Komata
Rating7     「5.820」
Relation◀    ▍13261326
ゆゆ式 困らせたり, 困らされたり
「Yuyushiki Komarasetari Komarasaretari」
OVA【Y:2017-02-22 S:1 E:1】
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Languagesub español日本語
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