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Titleジオブリーダーズ File-X ちびねこ奪還
Roomajijioburiidaazu Fairu-ekkusu chibineko dakkan
EnglishGeobreeders: (File-X) "Get Back The Kitty"
Tagsaction, comedy, conspiracy, daily life, ecchi, manga
Description* Based on the manga by Itou Akihiro.

Kagura Total Security (KTS) is a company composed of a half-dozen misfits that specializes in trapping phantom cats. These may look like normal cats, but due to the fact that they are data phantoms, these fur balls are liable to take over any computer-controlled piece of hardware in sight. They also sport a serious attitude problem and a near-invincible human form. A recipe for disaster.

But, thanks to the lovely ladies and sole abused guy Yoichi of KTS, there should be no real problems... or so one would hope. From their lethargic driver Yuu; to the greedy and irresponsible boss Yuka; to the meticulous accountant and contract negotiator Eiko; to the hacker Takami; to the trigger-happy, white-suited, mystery-shrouded weapons expert Maki; this team is not exactly your first choice for getting the job done. Well at least they have the hardware, they certainly have the drive, and they are going to do whatever it takes to beat the "professionals" — a government paramilitary anti-phantom cat squad called Hounds — to any job that pays well enough.

But, when the phantom cats start trying to smuggle serious military hardware into the country and kidnap KTS' very own phantom cat Maya, will the punch the team can pack be enough? And even if they succeed, will there be anything left when they are done?
Date|Next1998-05-21 till 1998-10-21    「Spring 1998/* Finished airing */
Episodes330min 「Σ: 0d 01:30h」
StudioChaos ProjectMore Credits
Rating8     「4.470」
Relation◀    ▍11361136
ジオブリーダーズ2 魍魎遊撃隊 File-XX 乱戦突破
「Jioburiidaazu ni Mouryou Yuugekitai Fairu-daburuekkusu Ransen Toppa」
OVA【Y:2000-07-26 S:2 E:4】
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Languagesub español日本語
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ジオブリーダーズ2 魍魎遊撃隊 File-XX 乱戦突破
Jioburiidaazu ni Mouryou Yuugekitai Fairu-daburuekkusu Ransen Toppa
OVA [Y:2000-07-26 S:2 E:4]
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