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Titleジオブリーダーズ2 魍魎遊撃隊 File-XX 乱戦突破
RoomajiJioburiidaazu ni Mouryou Yuugekitai Fairu-daburuekkusu Ransen Toppa
EnglishGeobreeders: Breakthrough
Tagsaction, comedy, conspiracy, ecchi, gunfights, manga, Sci-Fi
Description* Based on the manga by Itou Akihiro.

Kagura Total Security (KTS), a team of half a dozen misfits specialized in fighting Phantom Cats that terrorize Japan. As data phantoms, these fur balls have the ability to take over any computer-controlled piece of hardware, and in their human form they are near invincible.

These Phantom Cats are up to something big and now the KTS has to stop them before it is too late: It all starts off when the KTS gets attacked by a red-haired sniper. Even though they then lose their office/home due to a gas leak explosion, they still have to get to their new client for a job in south Japan, but once again they are attacked by a Phantom Cat and the mysterious sniper on the motorway. After surviving the attack they walk to their destination only to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, and actually need to forage for food in the "wild", while Tokyo is in big trouble due to Phantom Cat activity.

Will they ever get to their client in time? Will these chaotic girls save Japan from the evil Phantom Cats? And who is this mysterious sniper who keeps attacking them?
Date|Next2000-07-26 till 2001-03-23    「Summer 2000/* Finished airing */
Episodes425min 「Σ: 0d 01:40h」
Studio|AuthorChaos ProjectItou Akihiro
Rating8     「4.930」
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ジオブリーダーズ File-X ちびねこ奪還
「jioburiidaazu Fairu-ekkusu chibineko dakkan」
OVA【Y:1998-05-21 S:1 E:3】
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Languagesub español日本語
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ジオブリーダーズ File-X ちびねこ奪還
jioburiidaazu Fairu-ekkusu chibineko dakkan
prequel OVA [Y:1998-05-21 S:1 E:3]
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