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EnglishCarried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran
TagsAction, Comedy, Historical, Martial Arts, New, Samurai, Shounen, Swordplay
DescriptionThis series details the adventures of a wandering female samurai and a Chinese martial arts "expert" who playfully refers to herself as Myao-oneesan.

Tsukikage Ran, the main character, is a female ronin whose swordsmanship is second to none, while Myao's commands the often amusing but deadly display of NekoTekken (Cat Iron Fist). Together, they form an unstoppable crime fighting duo.

Each episode builds up to an amazing sword-action sequence which are all spectacularly animated and choreographed, with comic relief supplied by the oft boastful and hilariously over-the-top Myao.

The series plays with many themes typical to "feudal-Japan-anime" like corruption, Yakuza, and the search for really good sake.
Date|Next2000-01-26 till 2000-04-19    「Winter 2000/* Finished airing */
Episodes1325min 「Σ: 0d 05:25h」
TypeTV Series
Studio|AuthorMadhouseDaichi Akitarou
Rating6     「5.700」
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Languagesub español日本語
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