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Title劇場版 夏目友人帳 ~うつせみに結ぶ~
Roomajigekijouban natsume yuujinchou utsusemi ni musubu
EnglishNatsume`s Book of Friends the Movie: Ephemeral Bond
TagsContemporary Fantasy, Daily Life, Demons, Fantasy, Manga, Shoujo, Drama, Slice of Life, Supernatural
DescriptionEver since he was little, Takashi Natsume has been able to see what others could not, namely monstrous spirits known as Yokai. Natsume's late grandmother, Reiko, would challenge Yokai to contests and the ones that lost had to sign a contract with her, binding their names to her "Yujin-cho." Ever since Natsume has inherited the book, together with Nyanko Sensei, his self-proclaimed bodyguard, he spends his days trying to return the names within the book to their owners.

Natsume has been busy, navigating between humans and Yokai when he coincidentally reunites with an old classmate, Yuki. It brings back painful memories of a certain Yokai. Meanwhile, Natsume also became acquainted with Yorie Tsumura, a woman in the memories of a Yokai whose name he had returned. Yorie knew much about Reiko, but now lived a peaceful life with her only son, Mukuo. Being with this family was comforting for Natsume, but apparently a mysterious Yokai has been lurking in their town.

On the way back from investigating, a "Yokai seed" that had latched itself to Nyanko Sensei drops into the Fujiwaras' garden and grows overnight into a fruit tree. When Nyanko Sensei eats a fruit that is somehow shaped like himself, he suddenly splits into three!
Date|Next2018-09-29    「Summer 2018/* Finished airing */
Rating0     「0.000」
「natsume yuujinchou」
TV Series【Y:2008-07-08 S:1 E:13】
, 138138
続 夏目友人帳
「zoku natsume yuujinchou」
TV Series【Y:2009-01-06 S:2 E:13】
, 210210
夏目友人帳 参
「natsume yuujinchou san」
TV Series【Y:2011-07-05 S:3 E:13】
, 224224
夏目友人帳 肆
「natsume yuujinchou shi」
TV Series【Y:2012-01-03 S:4 E:13】
, 13151315
夏目友人帳 伍
「natsume yuujinchou go」
TV Series【Y:2016-10-01 S:5 E:12】
, 13881388
夏目友人帳 陸
「natsume yuujinchou roku」
TV Series【Y:2017-04-12 S:6 E:11】
| 544544
夏目友人帳 ニャンコ先生とはじめてのおつかい
「natsume yuujinchou nyanko-sensei to hajimete no otsukai」
OVA【Y:2013-12-24 S:1 E:1】
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