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Titleサイコパス SS
Roomajisaiko pasu esu esu
EnglishPsycho-Pass: Sinners of the System
TagsAction, Cyberpunk, Detective, Law and Order, Military, Police, Sci-Fi, Psychological, New
DescriptionSet in the near future in a world where a person's mental state can be viewed as a set of numbers, PSYCHO-PASS is the story of detectives wielding guns called "Dominators" that can see your "crime coefficient", a number that shows how likely you are to commit a crime, and tracking down "latent criminals" before they can break the law.

The three stories are set in Asia and Japan 100 years in the future – depicting the world's present, past, and future. Facing these crimes will be Enforcers, whose crime coefficient has gone beyond the legal limits, and Inspectors, elite detectives who were hand-picked by the Sybil System. What do you need to stop a crime before it happens? A hunter's wisdom, or a hunting dog's instincts? The cases reveal unexpected truths, and show the world as it really is. The untold missing links of the PSYCHO-PASS story are about to be revealed.
Date|Next2019-01-25 till 2019-03-08    「Winter 2019/* Finished airing */
StudioProduction I.G
Rating0     「7.880」
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TV Series【Y:2012-10-12 S:1 E:22】
, 13291329
サイコパス 2
「saikopasu ni」
TV Series【Y:2014-10-10 S:2 E:11】
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劇場版 サイコパス
「gekijouban saikopasu」
Movie【Y:2015-01-09 S:3 E:1】
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サイコパス 3
「saiko pasu san」
TV Series【Y:2019-10-24 S:4 E:8】
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