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Titleぼくたちは勉強ができない (2019)
Roomajibokutachi wa benkyou ga dekinai nisenjuukyuu
EnglishWe Never Learn: Bokuben 2nd Season
TagsManga, Shounen, Harem, Comedy, Romance, School
Description* Second Season of Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai.

Yuiga Nariyuki is in his last and most painful year of high school. In order to gain the "special VIP recommendation" which would grant him a full scholarship to college, he becomes a tutor for the three super-geniuses of the academy, Furuhashi Fumino, Ogata Rizu, and Takemoto Uruka. Despite being completely clueless outside of their pet subjects, will they be able to pass the entrance exams to the school of their choice with Nariyuki's guidance!? On top of that, he also has to deal with Kirisu Mafuyu, their seemingly cold-blooded but extremely klutzy teacher, and Kominami Asumi, an alum who works as a maid while trying to get into medical school.
Now, Nariyuki and his students are entering the final stretch of studying before the entrance exams! Meanwhile, could there be signs of love? The romantic comedy featuring our prodigies who never learn returns to the stage as they continue studying and, perhaps, they may even find love!
Date|Next2019-10-06 till 2019-12-29    「Autumn 2019/* Finished airing */
TypeTV Series
StudioArvo Animation, Silver
Rating0     「6.910」
「bokutachi wa benkyou ga dekinai」
TV Series【Y:2019-04-07 S:1 E:13】
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Languagesub español日本語
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