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Roomajiuchi tama uchi no tama shirimasen ka
EnglishUchi Tama?! Don't you know our Furball?
TagsSlice of Life, Cat, Juujin, noitaminA, New
Description* Spin-off Anime of '3 Choume no Tama' Franchise Announced

Uchitama?! Uchi no Tama Shirimasenka? is a new take on the formerly anthropomorphic Tama and friends, with Tama and the rest of the cast taking on human forms with animal features. The mascots were first introduced in 1983 and were featured on food packaging and stationery.

In a city somewhere in Japan, there's a flyer often seen on Third Street with a picture of a cat with a kinked tail, bearing the words: "Have you seen Tama?" A young boy gazes at the flyer, but he has fluffy ears on his head...!?
Watch the dogs and cats from Third Street take on a human form and get up to some mischief. Take a peek into the wonderful lives of Tama and his friends.
Date|Next2020-01-10 till 2020-03-20    「Winter 2020/* Finished airing */
TypeTV Series
StudioMAPPA, Lapin Track
Rating8     「5.520」
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