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Title敵は海賊 ~猫たちの饗宴~
RoomajiTeki wa Kaizoku Neko-tachi no Kyouen
EnglishThe Enemy`s the Pirates!
Tagsanthropomorphism, comedy, novel, Sci-Fi, space travel
DescriptionThe trigger-happy Latell and his partner a hyperactive, irresponsible glutton of a talking cat Apulo are among of the most dangerous detectives on the Division of Space Piracy force. In their rampant pursuit of space pirates, they end up causing more property damage than any one pirate could possibly hope to create. The chief, sick of all the bills, decommissions their ship, Lagendra, and sends the duo packing.

Without a job and with Latell also out of the picture, this prompts Apulo to contemplate joining the space pirates himself. Step one is to con their ship's AI into still acknowledging Apulo's commands. Noting how serious Apulo is about the new career move, Latell stays hot on his ex-partner's heels, hoping to keep an eye on him.

But can Apulo and Latell survive long enough without the protection of the agency to find out what those pirates are up to and prevent everyone in the known universe from becoming a cat?
Date|Next1989-12-26 till 1989-12-31    「Autumn 1989/* Finished airing */
Episodes630min 「Σ: 0d 03:00h」
Type|CensorTV Series/* not applicable */
Studio|AuthorMadhouseKanbayashi Chouhei
Rating6     「6.010」
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Languagesub english日本語
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