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Path/media/nas/DVD/[Tret] El Mundo de Rumiko - Maris, la Chica Maravillosa [E4BEC469].mkv
RoomajiZa Choujo
EnglishMaris The Supergal
TagsComedy, Sci-Fi, Super Power, Manga, action, alien, comedy, humanoid alien, shounen
DescriptionDespite being a refugee from an extinct planet, having an alcoholic as a father and an airhead for a mother, Maris' biggest problem is that she's a Thanatosian. Considering that Thanatosians are six times stronger than the average Earthling it shouldn't be such a curse, especially in a galaxy where violence is rife. But the accidental destruction she wreaks on everything she touches —even with the exotic alloy restraints she wears— means she's constantly in debt. Every mission she's assigned to by the Inter-Galactic Space Patrol becomes a cash-drain when all the damages are docked from her wage.

But when she's selected to rescue the rich and sexy Kogane Maru it's like a dream come true. After setting him free from the terror of his ruthless kidnapper his eternal gratitude will surely guarantee marriage —and an end to all her financial headaches.
Date|Next1986-05-21    「Spring 1986/* Finished airing */
Episodes150min 「Σ: 0d 00:50h」
StudioStudio PierrotMore Credits
Rating7     「5.970」
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Languagedub español日本語
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