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Roomajikore ga watashi no goshujin-sama
EnglishHe Is My Master
TagsComedy, Ecchi, Large Breasts, Maid, Manga, Seinen, Slapstick, Violent Retribution for Accidental Infringement
Description* Based on the gag comedy manga by Mattsu (story) and his ex-wife Tsubaki Asu (artwork) which ran in Monthly Shounen Gangan.

Sawatari Izumi and her little sister, Mitsuki, ran away from home. In order to look for part-time jobs, they wander around town. However, all the shop owners refuse to hire them.

Then, they happen to see a poster looking for resident housekeepers. It turns out the job offer was by Nakabayashi Yoshitaka, who has lost his parents in an accident, and became quite lonesome. Sympathizing with him, Izumi and Mitsuki decide to take on the job and help out.

However, Yoshitaka is quite the pervert with a cosplay fetish, and makes the girls wear questionable maid uniforms. Izumi gets angry, while Mitsuki actually enjoys wearing them. Yoshitaka starts to enjoy being a master just that bit too much. Little does he know that the girls brought along their pet alligator Pochi, who has a thing for Izumi, much to her dismay.
Date|Next2005-04-08 till 2005-07-01    「Spring 2005/* Finished airing */
Episodes1225min 「Σ: 0d 05:00h」
Type|CensorTV Series/* not applicable */
Studio|AuthorGainax, ShaftMattsu, Tsubaki Asu
Rating3     「4.570」
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Languagesub español日本語
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