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Roomajikenyuu densetsu yaiba
TagsAction, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts
Description* Based on the manga with the same title which ran in Weekly Shonen Sunday for a total of 24 volumes by Aoyama Goushou.

Yaiba Kurogane and his pets, a tiger (Titan) and a vulture (Valtus), return home after practicing samurai skills with his father on a distant isle. He then stays with his father's old friends, Raizo and his daughter, Sayaka.

Yaiba also enrolls in the same high school as Sayaka. In here, Yaiba met Takeshi Onimaru, the Kendo champion and they became rivals fromt he fist day they met.

When Takeshi inherits a demonic sword skills, Yaiba goes into the mountains to seek aid from Musashi Miyamoto who guards the legendary Sword of Thunder God. With help of Sayaka and his pets, Yaiba collects seven magical speheres to confrot Takeshi and his henchmen.

However, his success in completing the Sword of Thunder God skill accidentally awakens Princess Moon, an ancient rival of Thunder God. Princess Moon once again tried to conquer the world. Now Yaiba and Takeshi must forget all their quarrels and unite to save the world from Princess Moon.
Date|Next1993-04-09 till 1994-04-01    「Spring 1993/* Finished airing */
Episodes5225min 「Σ: 0d 21:40h」
Type|CensorTV Series/* not applicable */
Studio|AuthorPastelAoyama Goushou
Rating0     「4.690」
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Languagedub español日本語
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