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Title천년여우 여우비
Roomajichonnyonyeouu yeouubi
EnglishYobi - The Five Tailed Fox
TagsComing of Age, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Mina
Description"A long time ago, foxes with nine tails called the Goomiho lived in the deepest parts of the mountains. These animals had the ability to transfigure into other animals or human beings, and some of them actually became humans by taking the human's soul. People became scared of these animals, and began hunting them down. The foxed returned back to the far realms of the mountains, never to be seen again. On day, aliens crash-land on Earth and find a little Goomiho abandoned in the mountains..." — from intro

Teacher Kang takes his students to a school that sits at the base of a hill where Yeoubi lives, a five-tailed fox who can turn into any form. Kang and his students are there to train at a special centre for honing their mental abilities. While the students test their courage at night, Yeoubi encounters the dream-catcher Hwang Geum-yee. Yeoubi develops an interest in Geum-yee, and decides to join the students to stay closer to him. Living like a human being is fun, until she comes across the fox hunter. Rescued by a mysterious shadow, Yeoubi now faces the inevitable — by taking Geum-yee's spirit that will make her a real human being.
Date|Next2007-01-25    「Winter 2007/* Finished airing */
Episodes190min 「Σ: 0d 01:30h」
Type|CensorMovie/* not applicable */
Studio|AuthorSunwoo Entertainment 
Rating9     「6.140」
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Languagedub latino한국어
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