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Roomajimajo no takkyuubin
EnglishKiki`s Delivery Service
TagsAdventure, Comedy, Coming of Age, Daily Life, Fantasy, Magic, Mina, Novel, Romance
DescriptionKiki is thirteen years old, right at the age when a young witch in training is supposed to travel to another city and strike out for herself. It is a real test of responsibility and independence, and if Kiki can handle it for a year, she will be ready to undergo the rest of her education.

So, with only a little money, her pet cat/confidante Jiji, and her mother's broom, Kiki makes her way to a big city by the sea, where witches have not been seen for years and the demand for them is not exactly significant. Being resourceful, Kiki starts the kind of business most suitable for a witch who can fly on a broom: an airborne package delivery service. As her fledgling business becomes more and more successful, she meets various friends who each teach her about independence, inspiration, and what to do on days when both seem to vanish.
Date|Next1989-07-29    「Summer 1989/* Finished airing */
Episodes1105min 「Σ: 0d 01:45h」
Type|CensorMovie/* not applicable */
Studio|AuthorStudio GhibliKadono Eiko
Rating9     「7.760」
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Languagedub español日本語
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