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TitleSpirit of Wonder: 少年科學倶楽部
Roomajisupirito obu waandaa Shounen Kagaku Club
EnglishSpirit of Wonder: Scientific Boys Club
TagsComedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Manga, Seinen, Steampunk
DescriptionBrand new adventures await those who seek a new 'Spirit of Wonder'. As young boys, Cooper, Gordon, and Shepherd were enchanted by the theories of life on Mars published by Percival Lowell. Forming a group club called the "Scientific Boys Club" the trio will embark upon their long-time dream of traveling to Mars! And while the town of Bristol may be small, it's always exciting! What'll happen when the town's very own Miss China is shrunken to the size of a pea? Take a new voyage with three very special short stories "Shrinking of Miss China", "Planet of Miss China" and "Sake Cup of Miss China".
Date|Next2001-01-25 till 2001-07-25    「Winter 2001/* Finished airing */
Episodes235min 「Σ: 0d 01:10h」
Studio|AuthorAjia-douTsuruta Kenji
Rating5     「6.480」
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The Spirit of Wonder チャイナさんの憂鬱
「za supirito obu waandaa China-san no Yuuutsu」
OVA【Y:1992-06-03 S:1 E:1】
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Languagedub español日本語
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The Spirit of Wonder チャイナさんの憂鬱
za supirito obu waandaa China-san no Yuuutsu
prequel OVA [Y:1992-06-03 S:1 E:1]
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